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Established in 1962

Competitors have Come and Gone, But Slagle's keeps going strong!

What's our Secret?

We Care about the Product Quality of What We Sell.

We also Strive to Provide Good Customer Sevice During the Sale Process and After Final Delivery.



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Welcome Friends and Future Customers

Jack L. Slagle
Founder & Chairman

You have entered the web site of one of the Largest most Time Enduring Fire Truck & Equipment Dealerships in the United States. We hope you will take the time to read  and familiarize yourself with our founder Jack Slagle and how Slagle Fire Equipment Company got started.

You will also learn where we’re located and be given a summary of the many products & services Slagle’s proudly offers the many fire departments and firefighters we serve.


Our Heritage and History

In 1962 Jack Slagle started a one man part-time business, or some would say hobby, selling fire equipment and related supplies. The idea of this venture becoming a full-time career was something Jack kept well hidden, possibly even from himself.


The seed for this new business was planted a few years earlier. The year was 1951, Jack and a few other townsfolk decided to organize a volunteer fire department after an arsonist burned down half the town.


Devastating fire leveled part of Virgilina, Va.

(Photo from Halifax Gazette, May 31, 1951.)

     Third mysterious fire levels one third of Virgilina
     business district.    

Virgilina VA, or is it Virgilina NC, (the state line runs through the middle of town), was the site for this new fire department. The coverage area of the new department consisted of one town and parts of four counties. Imagine the difficulties they must have encountered starting a fire department to cover large areas in both North Carolina and Virginia.

Folklore stories about the early days of Virgilina’s Volunteers are still alive in the area.


Throughout most of the 1950's and early 60's Jack was the fire chief. He also operated a small family owned grocery store located next door to the fire station. Rumor has it that once, in a rush to get to a fire, Jack accidentally locked some shoppers inside the store.

      (Photo from Halifax Gazette, May 31, 1951.)
   Virgilina's First Fire Truck was a 1930 Brockway
   with a 300 GPM Rotary Gear Pump and a 313
   Gallon Water Tank.

   Jack is pictured to the left of the apparatus. He
   bought the truck from the department in the early
   1970's and still owns it today.


Another tale has it that a new fireman once caught a ride with Jack to a fire; when it was time to go back to the station, the weary man refused to get back in the fire truck. The fireman threw up his arms and shouted, 'if I can’t catch a ride back with somebody else, then I’d just as soon walk back.'


Even today when driving down the rural back roads just outside Virgilina, one can easily conjure up visions of wild, frantic fire truck rides down these narrow, curvy roads running throughout the hilly areas surrounding Virgilina. 


The Beginning of a New and Unusual Business

    This is the one room cabin where our business

It was in small-town Virgilina that the seed for new and unusual business was planted, took root and grew. The year was 1962 and the first location of the business was a small, one room building.


With Mrs. Slagle taking care of things on the home front, Jack began a ritual of loading up his station wagon with as much new & used equipment as it could possibly hold, he'd then head out of town to cold call on Small-town and Rural Volunteer Fire Departments.

The roads were long and the car was loaded with fire equipment. Townsfolk would see Jack leaving Virgilina early Monday morning and returning late Friday night and even sometimes on Saturday. Sometimes the car would be empty when he returned and other times it would be just half empty.
The long roads traveled have at one time or another taken Jack to just about every fire department in the Southeast. Jack has made many a friend and heard quite a few tales during his years of travel.

When Jack decided to go into business full time, he made the company's first big capital purchase. A 1964 Ford Galaxy stationwagon. He'd load it up with equipment and set out to call on fire departments in Virginia and North Carolina.

These long roads and late nights have brought about a solid foundation of good customers and lifelong friends. Without these many loyal friends and customers, our growing business would not have been possible. Jack, along with family and some great employees, has grown a business that for many years has been well known and respected in the Fire Truck & Equipment Industry.


Slagle Fire Equipment Company Today

For several years now, all five Slagle sons (Virgil, John, Barry, Garry and Scott) have worked full time in various areas of the business. Slagle's has two (2) fully-staffed Sales & Service Facilities, one (1) in South Boston, Va., and the other in Columbia, SC.


South Boston, VA., Sales & Service Facility Columbia, SC., Sales & Service Facility


Combined, these facilities represent over 20,000 square feet of display, office, warehouse, and service & manufacturing space. Reporting to these sales & service facilities are numerous salesmen who call on fire departments in Virginia, North and South Carolina.


These salesmen are experienced full-time professionals who live and work within their set territory.


The Slagle Family has dedicated its time and its resources to building a full-service dealership; one capable of handling most any need a fire department may have. With our continuing goal of striving to improve customer service, we now have SlagleFire.com; a detailed and informative fire-rescue apparatus & equipment web site.


New Fire Trucks and Equipment

Due to the after sale service & support required on some products, customers outside our normal coverage area will not be able to purchase some items. These items will usually be marked as such. When shopping at SlagleFire.com, fire departments and firefighters will be able to shop for fire protection items such as turn-out gear, boots, hoods, helmets and gloves. If your fire department needs fire hose, nozzles, adapters & appliances, foam & foam adapters or PPV fans & vent saws, we can get it to you. If you need warning or scene lights, we can handle it. If its time to purchase a new aerial, pumper, tanker, rescue, mini or midi pumper, skid unit or rescue vehicle, Slagle’s is here to serve you.


Pre-Owned Apparatus

If a fire department anywhere in the world needs a good pre-owned fire truck, Slagle’s can provide a dependable, reconditioned or refurbished: aerial, pumper, tanker, mini or midi pumper, skid unit, rescue vehicle or even an ambulance.


Services Offered

If a department needs fire truck repairs, or refurbishing & paint, Slagle’s Apparatus Service Centers have the skilled mechanics & craftsmen needed to do the job right. We also have On-the-Road Service Trucks that are stocked and Available for Emergency Repairs or PM Service. Our new service trucks even have on-board oil recovery systems to meet OSHA requirements. We bring the new oil and take away the old oil.


Closing Comments

The Slagle Family and the many dedicated Slagle employees would like to offer a sincere thank you to our existing customer. We appreciate the opportunity and privilege given us in serving the equipment and apparatus needs of your fire department, and your community.


If you’ve never done business with Slagle’s, please give us a try. We want to earn your present business and your future business. We aim to please, we aren’t perfect, but we’re getting closer every day.


Please take your time and enjoy shopping through the many areas of Slagle’s Virtual Fire Mall. Items are being added and changed daily. The Shopping Cart feature is available for use in buying certain items. If you need assistance with anything, please Call Toll-Free: 1-800-446-8896 or Send an E-mail to slaglefire@slaglefire.com.


Our goal is to assist you as quickly and as thoroughly as is possible. Thank you for your time and your interest. Have a very nice day.

Yours Truly,

Scott Slagle
Web Site Administrator


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