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Features when choosing front doors

Wooden exterior doors can be a beautiful addition to your home. They have an inviting and warm feel that metal doors lack. They are highly durable, and they look appealing. This is one of the reasons why most homeowners prefer them. While purchasing them, however, you should look out for certain features. Here are some of the features to look for while choosing front doors.

The type of wood

Choose high-quality wood for timber front doors. There are various types of wood that you can consider for making them. However, each type is different regarding strength, density, versatility, and features. You can design and treat all types of wood for enhancement of the appearance and durability. The unique features of a particular type of wood, however, impact on the durability and overall look of the door.doorstttttttttt

Shape of the wood

It is important to consider the shape while choosing front doors. Doors shape can transform how your doorway looks. Some of the common shapes include round, arch and square. However, you can also customize them regarding shape to make the entry door stand out. Depending on the door style, you can consider a single wide door is fitting the shape or two matching pairs.


Front doors are available in standard sizes. But you can change their size to suit your needs. You can choose between large central doors or small wooden front doors with glass. Most manufacturers customize the doors according to the dimensions and specifications that homeowners provide.


Evert type of wood has a color that is unique. The natural wood colors look appealing with simple stains. Although, if you prefer painting your exterior doors, you can choose from the several color options available. Ensure that the color is properly sealed while choosing. This prevents it from warping in humid weather and increases its life.

Decorative detailsdoorhandddddddddd

You can easily customize wooden doors using different decorative touches. Doors with handlebars and sidelights have a unique look and can enhance the beauty of the front door. Varieties of knockers, knobs, and handles are available in different designs and materials. You can use them to enhance the look and functionality of your external door.

Entry doors make the house secure and protected from weather elements. It is therefore important that you carefully select them.…

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