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How to Keep Your Home Moist

It is still winter season in most parts of the world, and it seems to get colder every year. A lot of people struggle with the lack of moisture in their homes, as using heaters often dries out the air. This can cause a lot of problems, varying from dry skin problems to even illnesses such as a continuous sore throat. It can get tiring to even talk too much in a room with dry air, as it exhausts your lungs faster. There are a few simple ways to maintain moisture in your house during the winter. Here are our top tips on how to do so.

Invest in an oil diffuser

An oil diffuser will not only freshen your room with the delightful fragrance of essential oils, but it will also play a part in restoring moisture. It works by evaporating essential oils and spraying it out, which will fill up your room with more moisture. If you don’t know how to choose an oil diffuser and its essential oils, websites such as post great articles on them. Place your oil diffuser strategically, in the middle of a room and preferably on a high place such as on top of a shelf so that the moisture can be distributed well throughout the room.

Leave out a container of water

This is a college dorm trick. You can leave out a huge bowl of water at the corner of a room, and with time it will evaporate and make the air moist. You can even place it near your heater, but make sure no water will drip into the heater, and there is no risk of your bowl tipping and spilling over to the heater, as this is very dangerous. The heater will evaporate the water faster. You can also invest in a fish tank.

Hang damp towels

Hanging damp towels inside might seem like a disgusting habit, but it doesn’t have to be your bath towels that is hanged in the middle of the room. You can get a clean towel, submerge it in water, drain it and hang it somewhere that isn’t so obvious. This will help restore and retain the moisture in your room. If the temperature is very low, you’ll find your towel icy cold in the morning if you leave it overnight, and that is not a bad thing. Submerging your towel in lukewarm water is better as it will release more moisture when it dries.

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